Most, if not all, of the legal information in this page comes from the General Protection Fault pages by Jeff Darlington; I asked permission to use his information here for my own purposes, and he said it was ok as long as I don't misrepresent him. thanks, Jeff!

HOSERS is © Copyright 1999-present by Aric S. Campling and Lev Babiev, produced by The KillerFrog Group. All rights reserved. No portion of this website, including text, images, or any other media may be reproduced or redistributed in any form without express written consent from Aric Campling or Lev Babiev, unless otherwise stated. This includes placing for display on any other website; newsletter, magazine, or other printed media; or any other display media that is publicly-accessible regardless whether or not said publication turns profits, losses, or is free to all. Whether intentional or unintentional, it is a violation of United States and International copyright law to do so without permission.

OK, now let's translate this back into less-legal English. If you want to download HOSERS to your own hard drive for future reading at some later date, as some people do either with automagical scripts or such, this is fine with me provided the downloaded images are for personal perusal only and do not find a permanent home on your hard drives. If you wish to share the strips or images with a select very few friends, either in print or on your computer screen, that's OK, provided you tell your friends how to get their HOSERS fix on their own and do not continue to supply them. You may not under any circumstance E-Mail HOSERS to anyone any way, unless you're specifically authorized to do so. Instead, email them the website URL. If you want to post a HOSERS or two in your cubicle or workspace or refrigerator door, that's fine. What isn't fine is printing a copy of every HOSERS and making a collection for yourself. Even worse is doing so and then sharing this collection with other people. Big, big illegal no-no.

What if you want to use a HOSERS image on a poster around your campus for some reason? I guess I don't mind, provided that all copyright information, including the website is shown prominently and very close to the image you use. This goes for ANY reproduction of HOSERS anywhere. No images may be altered in any way (except as stated on the front page, you may draw horns and mustaches on any character). If you'd like to run a copy of a HOSERS in ANY other print media, you must E-Mail one of us and ask permission. The very same applies if you wish HOSERS to be made public-access from any website other than Failing to obtain permission is a violation of copyright law.

People allowed to give use permissions for HOSERS-related material include Aric Campling or Lev Babiev. One or the other of us may make any kind of usage decisions regarding our intellectual property. At the same time, either of us may refuse to give permission, or to take a request under consideration at any time, and such action implies absolute refusal of permission until otherwise stated. At no point in time or space ever can tacit acceptance of use of our material ever be assumed, except as outlined above.

If you would like to link HOSERS to your website, please do! I give express permission to use the small banner button link thingy (I can provide this in case it's not currently available on the site), or to use any of the character images from the Characters page solely for the purpose of linking the site. If you wish to use other images, drop me a line and let me know about it. If you do chose to use a link image, please download it to your own site, do not link to the image from Bandwidth leeches will not be tolerated. HOSERS is on a limited budget, and if the traffic gets too heavy, our site owner will have to ask us to move. So leaching essentially non-productive bandwidth from HOSERS is pretty bad, overall. If you desire to create a good-lookin' link button for HOSERS, that would be worth an honorable mention and mebbe a special treat....

Let's see, what else? HOSERS does not take responsibility for the content of any site that does not begin with "". If you follow a link to another site, you inherently release HOSERS from any insult or injury that may be caused to you.

If you have any questions, or there are issues you find unaddressed or only vaguely attended to here, please feel free to email me and ask for more specific information. I have found Jeff Darlington's FAQ site to be exceptionally useful, and most of what he says about GPF Comics is exactly what I tend to believe about HOSERS, with very, very few differences. You can get to his FAQ site by going through his main page at

thank you for your time. Hope this information is useful to you. And remember, over and above all, I'm a nice guy.

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In addition, express permission is given by the author for anyone to draw horns and mustaches on any characters in this strip. Thank you.